Transition to School Programme

For the last 3 years our school has prided itself on having a series of transition visits available to parents and students who are considering sending their child to Centennial for their Primary school years. Being able to start school at 5 years old, ready and raring to learn becomes a whole lot easier when your child has been a part of our Transition visits. We offer very small group sizes, which working alongside fully-trained teachers, immerse into the New Entrant classrooms and busy environments gradually and positively. We emphasise making the move to school a fun, happy and positive experience. And when you arrive at 5 already aware of our routines, our staff, grounds and our excellent Respect and Values programme we have in place, learning begins on day 1.

We run alongside our New Entrant morning programme and offer many enjoyable opportunities to develop fine motor skills, core motor skills, values, social skills, school expectations and how fun learning as a 5 year old can be.Transitioning to a new place can be very daunting for children and families alike, so we welcome whanau to be part of this process and learn with us, with ideas to help prepare your child both at home and school. Our school has placed an emphasis on the transition process of schooling at both the initial stage of Primary Schooling and also when it is time to move onto High School, and our students reap the rewards of the programmes we have in place.

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