New World donates Garden to Waimate Centennial

” New World donates Little garden to Centennial School”

Thank you to Stuart and the team at New World Waimate for supplying
the materials for Centennial to build a little garden.  Kathryn from
the Produce department arrived with a wooden garden box, special
garden soil mix and seedlings. These were presented to the very
excited student gardeners from Centennial school.

This is the second year that New World has provided Centennial with
mini seedlings. The first time the seedlings were taken home to be
grown away from school. We are excited to see how the students come
together to do the gardening at school this year.

Students in the middle school are very keen on gardening and have
already worked hard on their orchard and window garden. We are
enthusiastic about this opportunity to expand our gardening experience
for students. In today’s busy world there are children who don’t see
vegetables being grown. They identify the supermarket as the place
where food comes from. I see this initiative opening students’ eyes
and developing an appetite for growing our own food.

The materials include a colouring in competition with three very good
gardening prizes. Our whole school will participate in this early next
term. I am looking forward to hanging the prize winners entries in the
New World window for the fourth term.

The photos show students at Centennial  Digging the old vegetation out
of a special garden area in front of the school office, constructing
the garden timber framing, filling the area with the donated soil and
planting the seedlings that New World provided.

We are looking forward to inviting the New World team back to school
next term to see the progress we have made with the garden. We will
also have a celebration of the produce we have grown ourselves in the
autumn. Last year we did this by creating dishes of the food we had
grown and sharing those with people across the school.

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