Waimate Centennial School is a state, contributing school (Decile 4) offering co-educational schooling to pupils from New Entrant to Year 6.

The school was first opened in 1955 as a full primary and was later decapitated at the beginning of 1982. Most Year 7 and 8 pupils now attend Waimate High School. We primarily serve the north and west area of the urban town of Waimate. There are also several rural children attending our school.

The school stands on 2.5 hectares of land in the north west part of Waimate. The school has an open outlook with a very large grassed area as well as adequate paved spaces. The grounds are attractive and very well maintained. A swimming pool is also part of the school’s environment and has the facility to be heated. There is also an extensive adventure playground and a shade area.
The school buildings consist of two main blocks with a separate library and two other stand alone classrooms. The two main blocks are built of brick. The school is very well maintained with first class equipment and amenities.

Good parental support is a feature of the school with many parents helping on a regular basis with class programmes, and any other activity that the school is involved with.

The school operates in two syndicates – Junior School, (New Entrant to Year 3) and Senior School, (Years 4/6) with 3 or 4 teachers in each syndicate. Ministry staffing also provides for at least 0.15 Reading Recovery, 1.10 Management and 0.24 Classroom Release Time.

It is staffed with enthusiastic and supportive teachers who work well as a team. There are several dedicated Support Staff, including Principal’s Secretary, Office Assistant, Teacher Aides, Caretaker and Cleaner.

Two features of the school are the provision of ICT equipment and experiences for all children. The school is fully networked with access to e-mail, the Internet and a digital colour photocopier. We have pods of laptops and chrome books which are centrally stored but allocated each day to classes in the senior school.

Our philosophy on using devices in school is that the purpose must be to enhance the curriculum. We do not encourage students to be using ICT for the sake of using it. There must be some educational advantage to this. In 2016 the senior staff have had professional development in the use of chrome books.

The junior school use iPads and classroom-based laptops for ICT. They have a series of interactive computer based activities that they use to give students practice in key concepts.

Outdoor Education programme

Camp Week in March provides children with a wide range of outdoor experiences, including kayaking and abseiling. Good use is made of our local environment (Gunn’s Bush, Kelcey’s Bush, Waihao River and “The White Horse”). We often use outside expertise to help us manage our exciting challenge by choice programme.The Year 6 pupils spend this week at Arthur’s Pass, a highlight of their year!

Recent renovations across the junior school have resulted in flexible learning environments with additional breakout spaces. These are fully utilised for team teaching. Pairs of teachers plan together and teach according to student needs and teacher strengths.

We are well staffed with trained teacher aides one per classroom or pair of classrooms during core curriculum times of the day

The Board is a dedicated and supportive group who put the needs of the children first.