Extra Curricular Activities

Kapahaka has become an integral part of the Centennial School culture. The group was formed in 2012 and children from Year 1 to Year 6 were invited to join. Those 5 year old's are now leading our Kapahaka group and it is going from strength to strength. 
For one hour each week, the children come together to share in waiata, haka and actions for these - some of which involve the poi. Many aspects of Māori tradition, culture and language are also imparted along the way by parents and teachers, and these become a natural part of the weekly session. 
The Kapahaka group performs in public several times throughout the year. Our local Matariki Festival takes place at the end of the second term, then it is off to Timaru for the South Canterbury FLAVA festival in Term 3. The children take part in Waimate's 'Christmas in the Park', our end of year assembly, and also play a role in any powhiri that involve the school. 

Health Team
The Health team is made up of a group of children from Year 4 to 6, a couple of parents and Mrs Constable. The group surveys the school to find out what the 'issues' are for the children and what improvements they would like to see at school. Some projects the team has completed over the last few years are:
  • A new sandpit for the school
  • Raised plot vegetable gardens set up and in use
  • Adopted the White Horse Reserve, with the aim to improve the area for visitors, starting with the painting of the White Horse. 
In completing these projects the children have planned and designed, obtained quotes, filled in grant applications, physically installed parts and worked together as a team. 
Our main project for 2021 is to get our bike track constructed. Tenders have gone out with a design.
- Teacher in charge: Joan Constable

PALs stands for Physical Activity Leaders. Our physical activity leaders are from our Year 6 class. They provide lunch time games and activities for different ages and classrooms. The PALs attend training at the beginning of the year and they work closely with Mrs Soper during the year. In Term 3 the Year 6 PALs pair up with keen Yeara 5's and teach them about being a PAL and what that means. In Term 4 the Year 5's run the activities while the Year 6's work in a mentoring role. 
- Teacher in charge: Joan Constable.

The children have many sporting options to choose from locally. We have Centennial school Netball teams as well as Miniball teams that compete during the winter months. There is also the opportunity for children to join the local Rugby, Soccer, Athletics and Swimming clubs.

Jump Jam
Jump Jam is a fusion of dance and fitness disciplines along with cultural interpretations that capture the look, attitude, posture and elements of Aerobics and Fitness. At Centennial the children have the opportunity to take part in class and lunchtime Jump Jam sessions, as well as trying out to be part of one of our Jump Jam teams that compete in the South Canterbury Jump Jam Extravaganza. Over the years we have had many wins in different categories from the novice to open section and boys team.
- Teachers in charge: Tanya Matheson, Tania Swatridge, Annie Rehmann

Lister Home
At Centennial we are very privileged to be able to take a group of children to visit our local Aged-Care facility, Lister Home, once a fortnight. During these visits the children enjoy interacting with the residents in a variety of ways. They take part in baking, crafts, sports, games, flower shows, visiting performers and most importantly learning about respect and empathy towards others. This is a wonderful opportunity the school offers for our Year 4-6 children, and it is a tough job choosing a small group from all the applications as it is such a popular option for our Seniors. 
- Teacher in charge: Tanya Matheson.

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