Macey reading to Rural Scholars students

My Visit to Rural Scholars by Macey Kate Guyton

Published on Thursday, 11 May 2017, 2:54 p.m. Print Article

My Visit to Rural Scholars                   May 4th 2017

By Macey Kate Guyton

“Georgia, Macey, Ali, Mere, and Georgia, may I please talk to you,” said Mr Burt.
We all walked over to his desk.
“I have chosen all of you to go down to rural scholars to read to children,” He said.
Eli and I were super excited to go. The next day in the morning we got a ride to rural scholars from Mr Young. When we were parked outside all the kids had to go inside and sit on the mat.

The teacher chose Elsie to choose a big kid first and she chose me and a girl called Delilah. The four books I read were called, The best behaved bear, The best dressed bear, Meet the jungle animals and Kiss kiss yuck yuck. When I read kiss kiss yuck yuck it said, “kiss on the left cheek and kiss kiss on the right cheek”.  They both kissed me on the cheeks.

After reading we had to sing some songs. We sang, Wheels on the bus, a Maori song and Reach for the stars. As soon as we finished singing and dancing the little kids had to wash their hands and get their lunchboxes. Before they could eat they had to sing a Karakia which is a Maori prayer.

When Georgia and I finished we started to play with the preschools inside toys. The teacher stood up and said when you are done you can go and play outside. Elsie and I were running around waiting for Delilah. Finally she came and we started to play tag.

About 20 minutes later sadly I had to go. Elsie and Delilah gave me a big hug. I jumped in the car and Elsie was blowing kisses at me. I yelled out, biopsy.
Our visit to the local preschools was a great experience and a lot of fun.