Pukeko is a reader too

Reading, reading, reading in Pukeko Class

Published on Monday, 10 February 2020, 2:48 p.m. Print Article

Pukeko Class are Reading, Reading, Reading!!  What a SUPER start to the year we have had in Pukeko class! We are  discovering a love of reading and learning to read in different ways…  One of our newest friends, Luke the Pook, travels home  with one of us every afternoon. He gets to have lots of  fun and we write about his adventures. We get to read  about him, write about him and he loves to sneak a peek  at our books because he loves reading too!      Another new reading friend is our puppet Fluffy. He loves to help us  at Shared Reading time. He tries his hardest to read with us, and we  get to help him if he makes a mistake…we know it’s OK to make  mistakes!  Reading big books, little books, picture books, comics,  magazines, the wall, the windows….anywhere that has  words, we are learning to love to read!!        The children in Pukeko class love to read their books  to Luke and Fluffy, and making reading fun helps us to foster a love  of reading and learning!