Road Patrol 2018

Published on Thursday, 15 February 2018, 4:36 p.m. Print Article

Road Patrol at Centennial School

Every day a few dedicated Centennial students leave their class early, put on their fluro jackets and watch over our younger students as they cross Edinburgh Street on their way home. I am thrilled with the responsible attitude our students take with them to the crossing each day.

Late last year our year 5 students were given the opportunity to be trained as road patrollers. This was in anticipation of their becoming year 6 students who carry out a range of responsibilities around our school. Our Police liaison Marie trained the students to manage the crossing safely and then she returned today to see how they were coping with the work. Marie tells me that Centennial students are very responsible and they take their role of keeping others safe very seriously.

At the same time last year the council repainted the car parks and bus stop so that there would be as little obstruction to children crossing the road as possible. This was also an attempt to remind parents that using the crossing is a great way to teach watching young children to cross at the crossing.

The council have also installed new crossing Lollipops that the students use to slow and stop the flow of traffic when children are crossing. I have noticed that drivers are generally slowing right down when they see us on patrol and they are very cautious around the crossing. I think we are lucky to have these signs as they offer a very obvious reminder to motorists around schools.

If you happen to be passing Centennial School at 3 o’clock give us a wave to show you think the road patrollers are doing a great job. Thank you for using the crossing and for driving carefully around Centennial and the other schools in Waimate.